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Telling your love story in the

most authentic way I know how.

Welcome to my cozy corner of the internet! We're about to get close, REAL close. We will laugh, joke, and get to be the best of friends while we take your new favorite photos. From beautiful ranch engagement sessions where you introduce me to the land you love, to weddings where we party like rockstars, I have you covered!

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Hi, How are ya?!

My name is Makenzie, I’m here to be your go-to gal, your biggest hype girl & your wedding day encourager! I love laughter and unprompted poses, I love catching the gleaming look in your grandfather’s eye. I love meeting your family and becoming the best of friends with your sister. Through this business, it’s my goal to spread love and happiness through these time capsules we call photos. After all, these are the photos you’re going to show your grandchildren one day.

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Improve your social media and website presence with branding photos! These photos showcase your brand identity showing your ideal client exactly who you are. Showing your face along with your brand makes you relatable. 77% of consumers trust a business more if the owner has an active presence on social media.

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Ready to celebrate yourself? I have just the thing! Let's pop some champagne, put on my playlist that consists of Shania, Megan Thee Stallion & the Mamma Mia! soundtrack and get you feeling like your best self! Boudoir is an excellent gift for your partner, but its really a gift to yourself!


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I'm here to capture your love story, and tell it in the most authentic way!

Let's do this!

The perfect wedding gift for your husband to be, or the perfect opportunity

to just be a baddie and feel yourself!


I'd love to capture your most favorite milestones!

Investment beginning at 4,000.

Investment beginning at 375.

College and High school seniors!

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Investment beginning at 375.





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"Makenzie is talented in so many ways. Not only is she great behind the camera but also extremely personable and strives to make your experience, fun and easy going. I do not think we could have picked anyone better to capture on of the best day of our life. We were so pleased with the outcome of every photo taken! She listens to your major wants, super engaged in your day and also gives great advice to someone who is not used to being in-front of the camera. We are forever grateful for the absolutely stunning photos she created!"

- Lauren

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Documenting memories you'll tell your grandchildren about

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Q: Did you go to college for photography?

A: Nope! I am a self taught photographer, but have heavily invested in my education through courses and workshops.

Q: What is your favorite part of a wedding day?

A: My favorite part of a wedding day is the reception! I love getting to eat cake, dance & celebrate the newly married couple. This is such a fun part of their day and it makes me feel honored to not only be their photographer but a friend throughout the whole process.

Q: Do we get to choose the location?

A: You are more than welcome to choose where we shoot! Just know that there is a travel fee if the location you choose is outside of the 30-mile radius of Alvin. However, if you have no idea where to take your photos, I have a handful of beautiful locations that I can recommend.

Q: When will I receive my photos?

A: Once your session is over, you will typically receive your photos back within 2 weeks. Weddings are guaranteed within 8 weeks..

Q: Will you reschedule for bad weather?

A: Keep in mind that weather cancellation is determined by MSP, however, if the weather causes your session to be canceled, we will most definitely reschedule.

Q: How are my images edited?

A: All photos are color edited and minor changes are made, spot edits and anything additional after delivery is charged hourly.

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"Makenzie captured

moments that our family will cherish for .a lifetime."


I love, love stories. I love seeing grooms pull their cowboy hats down low so nobody sees them shed a tear watching their new bride come down the aisle. I love seeing brides all giddy before the first look with their forever cowboy.

I love capturing your family's milestones, and all of the sweet moments that make up your unique life! I love my craft and I can't wait to capture memories that you'll get to hold onto for a lifetime to come!

Let's do this!

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Alvin, Tx

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